The country's currency is Czech crown, "koruna", roughly with the rate 1euro=25 CZK. Many (but not all) restaurants and shops accept euros, but the rate may be somewhat worse. Almost all restaurants and shops accept Visa and Maestro debit/credit cards. Czech exchange offices are infamous for hidden fees (which they are not obliged to communicate to you prior the transaction, and you do not have the right to revert the transaction once you hand them the money). So, if you want to change, say, 100 euros to Czech crowns, then the right question is "How much will I get for 100 euros?", and not just asking for the conversion rate.

Public transport in Prague

There are 4 types of time tickets: 30mins, 90mins, 24hours, 72hours, priced 24CZK, 32CZK, 110CZK, 310CZK, respectively. During this time interval you can change your bus/train/metro any number of times.
There are ticket machines at each metro station and various other places. At the Prague airport and the Prague Main train station (Hlavni nadrazi), ticket machines accept credit/debit cards. At other places, ticket machines accept only coins. You need to stamp each ticket immediately after getting on a tram/bus, or when entering the paid zone of the metro (which is clearly marked), otherwise your ticket is not valid.
You can search for connections here.

From the airport to Koleje Komenskeho

Take bus number 119 from the airport to Divoka Sarka. At Divoka Sarka change to bus number 191 to Vypich. At Vypich change to bus number 180 and get off at Na Petynce. You need a 32CZK ticket for this.

From the airport to the Math Institute (Zitna 25)

Take bus number 119 from the airport to Nadrazi Veleslavin. There, change to Metro A to Mustek. The institute is 10mins walking from the Mustek station. You need a 32CZK ticket for this.

The School venue: Malostranske namesti 25

The School will be held in the historical building of Charles University, Malostranske namesti 25, 118 00 Praha 1. Tram station Malostranske namesti is just in front of the building. As an alternative, you can walk from the metro station Malostranska through the beautiful Valdstejnska zahrada (Valdstejn garden). The lecture will be held in room S9.


We expect participants who did not apply for funding to find accommodation themselves. Cheap options (but "student standard", e.g. a bathroom shared for two rooms) are for example dormitories of Charles University, of which "Koleje Komenskeho" is arguably the best choice. See here (use the Czech page with translation. The English one is not complete). Please, contact us if you need assistance.

Those participants who applied for funding will be accommodated partly at Koleje Komenskeho or at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Information to individual participants were sent on June 26 and 28.

Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Guest accommodation at the premises of the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The address is Zitna 25, Praha. Each room has a bathroom and a kitchen (either separate or shared). There is Eduroam available in all rooms. The reception is closed on Sunday. However, ring (+420 702882615) or email ( (you can get Eduroam signal outside of the building)) Jan Hladky and he will come to the entrance and give you keys. For this reason, let Jan know about your planned arrival time beforehand. The check-in time is 1pm.
One way of getting to the school venue is by a Metro A (green line) from station Mustek to Malostranska. Another way is to walk to the Stepanska tram stop and take a tram 22 to Malostranske namesti (which is where the school venue is). Use a 24 CZK ticket for either of these two journeys.

Koleje Komenskeho

This is a student dormitory. The address is Parlerova 6, Praha. Two single-bed bedrooms share a bathroom. The reception is open 24/7. Check-in start at 12noon and check-out is until 10am. There is Eduroam available in all rooms.
While you can get from the dormitories to the school venue by public transport, we recommend to take a 1.5km-long walk which actually goes through some of the most spectacular sites in Prague. (the route on google maps can be found here).


We do not provide lunches and dinners (and the arranged accommodation provides no breakfasts). Small snacks will be provided during coffee breaks. Those who applied for financial support will receive per-diems on Monday (or, on Sunday in case you are staying at the Institute of Mathematics).

Restaurants and food near the School venue

There is an inexpensive restaurant "Profesni dum" in the cellar of the building of the School venue. For traditional Czech cuisine with lunch menu for about 150 CZK (but the daily menu is only in Czech), we recommend Konirna [map]. The closest vegetarian (and gluten-free) restaurant is Natureza (10mins walking, [map]), with daily menus for 127 CZK.

The closest corner shop/grocery store is 2mins in the direction to Charles bridge [map]. There is a McDonald's on the same street [map]. If you want to have a picnic, then one quite place is the Kampa Island [map].

There is a number of cheaper fast foods, restaurants and supermarkets around the Andel station (2km walking, or take tram 12, 15, or 20, [map])